The California Northern Coastal Area 06 is grateful for the opportunity to host the 20th National AA Archives Workshop in Concord, California.

                                September 8-11, 2016                                                                                                                     ​​

“We want to keep enlarging on this idea for the sake of the full length history to come...”                                                              

Mission Statement for the National AA Archives Workshop
The National Archives Workshop is committed to helping Alcoholics Anonymous Archivists working within the service structure of Alcoholics Anonymous who are also bound by the spiritual principles of our Fellowship.

Statement of Purpose for the National AA Archives Workshop
The National A.A. Archives Workshop is an open, service oriented Workshop hosted on an annual basis by a Host Committee chosen through an open bidding process. The Guidelines, Agendas, and overall direction of the Workshop are determined by the group conscience of the National A.A. Archives Workshop Advisory and Guidance Committees.

The individual workshops are conducted in an A.A. Forum format, with a specific focus on the open sharing of the experience, strength and hope of Archivists, attendees and members of the National A.A. Archives Workshop Membership Body. Each Workshop intends to renew and energize our efforts and foster enhanced communications between A.A. Archivists and Archives Committee members. We share information, methods, procedures, ethics, and our enthusiasm at each Workshop as we continue to gather, grow, and serve.

Consistent with A.A.’s primary purpose, A.A. Archivists and Archives Committee Members try to help the still suffering alcoholic by preserving the integrity of both the A.A. message and the history of the Fellowship for current and future members. Registration info with payment.

For more information about the NAAAW please visit

“We are trying to build up extensive records which will be of value to a future historian...”                                                                        

“It is highly important that the factual material be placed in our files in such a way that there can be no substantial distortion...”

                                                      Bill W., 1957